Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included
Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included
Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included
Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included
Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included
Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included
Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included

Custom Kids Room Creative Glass Board - 6x Edding Markers Set Included

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*The glass comes in a blank format, only the background image is printed. This allows you to write your own text/content.

Introducing our innovative and enchanting Glass Creative Writing Board – where imagination knows no limits and artistic expression flourishes! Designed with boundless creativity in mind, this masterpiece of childhood wonder is tailor-made for kids and children to unleash their imagination and embark on a journey of endless inspiration.

Crafted from premium, ultra-durable glass, our Glass Creative Writing Board is not just a writing surface, but a captivating canvas for young minds to explore, create, and engage. Its smooth and pristine surface beckons aspiring artists and wordsmiths to bring their ideas to life, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures.

Key Features:

  • Durability and Safety: Crafted with meticulous care, our Glass Creative Writing Board ensures a safe and enduring platform for artistic expression. The tempered glass construction guarantees resilience against everyday wear and tear, making it a reliable companion throughout your child's creative journey.

  • Limitless Imagination: The sky's the limit when it comes to the imaginative landscapes that can be created on our glass board. Whether it's doodling whimsical characters, sketching dreamy landscapes, or practicing the art of penmanship, this board invites endless opportunities for self-expression.

  • Full Set of 6 Vibrant Markers: Each Glass Creative Writing Board comes complete with a full set of six Edding markers in a variety of brilliant hues. This comprehensive range of colors empowers your child to capture every shade of their imagination, ensuring that no idea goes unexpressed.

  • Easy Erasability: Ready for a fresh start? The glass surface of our board guarantees effortless erasability. A quick wipe with a soft cloth or tissue is all it takes to wipe the slate clean, allowing your child to embark on a new creative endeavor without interruption.

  • Stylish Design: Aesthetic elegance meets functional design. The sleek and modern frame of our Glass Creative Writing Board seamlessly complements any room decor, making it an attractive addition to bedrooms, playrooms, classrooms, and beyond.


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